Monday, November 03, 2008

I chickened out.

I decided NOT to sign up for Ironman Florida next year.

I totally KNOW I'm not ready for an IM race, though I think I could handle the swim and the bike....and maybe half the run. Yes, I'd have a year to train, but I'm not sure that would be enough to be confident of finishing in 17 hours. Would I want to DNF after all that work? Of course not.

On the other hand, I thought ....whats the worst thing that could happen? So, I come close...I'll be better prepared for 2010 than if I don't sign up! It's only money. Sure, $525 is a lot of cash to spend right before the holidays.

Maybe if I weren't so sick this weekend, I might have been more positive about it, but with my athena sisters DNFing, I took this as a 'sign.' There's also this NYC marathon thing (which is the same weekend) that going to mess me up until hubby and I both get in and run that race.

My biggest fear is that this time next year, I'll be exactly where I am now........not ready and not any closer to being ready. The things I need to work on to make sure that doesn't happen:

1. Lose 50 more pounds.
2. Learn to swim, really I can finish an IM swim in 1:30 or so instead of 2 hours.
3. More consistent training.

I guess in the end, I opted to respect the distance, and try and train for it properly....and as a thinner person, so that when I do show up on race day, I'll be ready.

What do I think it means for me to be 'ready?'
1. Weigh 170 or less.
2. Ability to do an 8 hour century
3. Ability to do a 6.5 marathon
4. A HIM time of 7:30 or less


Jessica said...

You did NOT chicken out. You made the right decision for YOU, and I think it is a brave and wise decision.
So many of us get caught up in the hype of doing an IM, but really it is a huge endeavor and should not be taken on without confidence.
Very proud of you for thinking it through and making a hard decision. Just think how much easier it will be to make the decision to race when you have more confidence and fitness to rely on!!

S. Baboo said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, they are right on. I have to say that an official IM is kind of cool, don't really know what IMFL is like but IMCdA and Louisville rocked while IMAZ was a bit of a disapointment...I have heard similar for IMFL. Anyway, not that you are asking but you might consider a iron distance race like the Oklahoma City Redman. It is very beginner friendly and while I think they have some strict cutoff rules this year on most years they allow you more than 17 hours. It was my first IM and that year the last finisher was something like 19:20. The RD followed the guy around with a golf cart packed with food, drink and medical aid. Oh, and despite the smaller field and finish area I still felt like a total superhero when I finished.

Trigirlorlando said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and it was awesome to see you at the race. Sorry I was so focused but since IM FL 2008, I get very nervous at these races. Believe me, if there is someone who understands the pressure of the cut offs of IM, its me. I totally respect your decision :) You are amazing.

And I have only lost 13.5 pounds..but thank you for the nice compliment :) Hope I see you again soon!!!


Good to meet you too. Hope you read your blog to get this comment (you post every 6 months or so?). Carrolwood said I am just a dumb sh*t when it comes to changing tires and I need practice. We will see how it goes next week.